Here's Ten reasons the DuraFeed feeder is right for you and your pooch:

  1. Can feed a broad range of animals, not just dogs... Whatever you want to load in the top - the feeder can deliver out the bottom.

  2. Great for dogs requiring frequent feeding (pups), when you can't quite get there.

  3. Can deliver a wide range of dry & wet dog foods from kibble to fresh meat (4 litre holding capacity).

  4. Can operate in a range of different weather conditions.

  5. Can be secured to a range of different kennels, fences, gates, trees, etc.

  6. Made with durable stainless steel.

  7. Hygienic, easy cleaning.

  8. Powered by four AA's.

  9. Automatic release if batteries get critically low so food is never withheld from dog. 

  10. Six different timer delay settings from 3 to 24 hours and test release.
    *We recommend using the feeder alongside a sufficient supply of clean drinking water and a sufficient amount of daily exercise.


1. Open the feeder lid
2. Load wet or dry dog food
3. Turn power on and select desired time delay of 3, 6,9,12,18 or 24 hours.
4. Close the dog proof lid and ensure dog is secure safe and happy. Feeder drops food into bowl at chosen time delay.

Check this video out to see the feeder in action...

"The DuraFeed feeder can help out in many different situations, if your getting back late to the dogs from commitments or even back the next day from a quick night away, this is a great occasional one off solution to a common problem"


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