Here's Ten reasons the DuraFeed feeder is right for you and your pooch:

  1. Very easy to use
  2. Can deliver a wide range of wet & dry dog foods
  3. Can operate in a range of different weather conditions
  4. Can be secured to a range of different kennels and surfaces
  5. Made with durable stainless steel
  6. Hygienic
  7. Powered by four AA's
  8. Automatic release if batteries get critically low 
  9. Six different timer delay settings and test/manual release
  10. Great for pups or old dogs requiring more frequent feeding, can feed a broad range of animals, not just dogs!


1. Open the feeder lid
2. Load wet or dry dog food
3. Turn power on and select desired time delay
4. Close the feeder lid and ensure dog is secure and happy

Keen to gift an automated dog feeder to your dog?

The Durafeed feeder will be available to purchase right here through our website when we get them to market in May 2022. Hit the contact button below to pre-order or just to request to be put on our mailing list to stay in the loop.

We're working very hard with our NZ based manufacturing team to get this in front of your dog(s) ASAP! At this stage we're aiming to set prices and take orders in April - May 2022. If you'd like to stay in the loop about when exactly this moment happens, hit 'Contact us' below and drop us a line so we have your details or simply keep checking into this site for updates.


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