Founder Gerard Richards can speak from experience when he says "sometimes people find it hard getting their dogs fed on time every time." 

He vividly remembers a stinking hot day in the sheep yards, back in December 2016, that the idea of a timed dog feeder, known today as DuraFeed, first came to mind.

"When I was living remotely, 20 minutes from anyone, I remember asking the Station Manager if he had much on during the weekend with the hope he'd have time to feed my dogs, as I wondered about heading over to the coast for a quick night away fishing. He mentioned he had a bit on with family during the weekend, so that made my decision for me - No fishing! Instead I just kept myself busy on the property."

This became a problem solving experience for Gerard, as he came to realise farmers & their families lives can often be stretched 'getting a hundred and one things' done on the farm as well as having a quick change of scene elsewhere. 

"A concept thought of, developed and tested on farm but has very quickly found its value for all dog owners, urban and rural"

DuraFeed - Feeding Freedom was born.


Dogs are valuable to a number of different dog owners for a number of different reasons. From valued companionship for the family to being used as a running asset on the farm, our dogs are indeed "mans best friend".

So they need to be well looked after and DuraFeed's got your feeding covered.

Our vision is to create 'feeding freedom' for both the owner and their dog. 

We produce reliable animal feeders that get the job done, for different situations and for a range of animals.


For the Dog Owner

The feeder is not necessarily an everyday solution and may be for "one off" situations.

However, using the feeder from time to time brings flexibility and balance into a Dog owners life. Farmers wellbeing is a big driver for DuraFeed's creation and success. If we can contribute in a small way to improving the general mental health and wellbeing of farmers then we consider DuraFeed a success.

For the Dog

Through the eyes of our valued four-legged mate, they get regular and reliable feeds no matter what's going on on the farm or elsewhere. This ensures the dogs health remains in top shape and one of your biggest assets on the farm or even just the family dog will be fed on time from the depths of winter to the height of summer.

All of these reasons can apply to people from all walks of life - not just farmers!


Meet the team behind our feeder.


A Manawatu farmer, Gerard, along with partner Clare and their young daughters, are currently leasing a hill country block in Northern Horowhenua, where they're farming sheep and beef.

He's always had an interest in working with animals and farming as its outdoors and theres always something new to learn from season to season. Gerard's connection to the land runs deep, having had previous roles on New Zealand's sheep, beef and dairy farms. For a few years working on cattle stations in Australia which he says was "some the best fun I've ever had". But his heart was firmly at home, eventually coming back to NZ to make the most of what NZ has to offer.


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